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Without a doubt, Facebook is the largest social network. The number of its users roughly equals the total population of China. For this reason, Facebook is one of the best options for advertising online. Today, one of the best channels to get your message to the ideal client directly and with reasonable budgets is Facebook Ads, the platform that makes this social network available for businesses (especially the small ones) to create and manage their ads. It has a very simple interface so that anyone can operate it without much informatics or technical knowledge. However, the simplicity of this tool may be tricky because creating a successful campaign on Facebook requires certain basic knowledge of digital marketing. In this video, you can learn how to start your campaign step by step in Facebook Ads. In fact, you will notice that it is not a complicated process. Nevertheless, it is important that you keep in mind some basic principles of marketing which we will mention in this post for you.

To create a successful campaign, you must be clear first about what you want to do. It is important since there are actually fourteen different types of campaigns, and each one requires different actions:

Second, you should not do anything before segmenting your audience. Remember that it is impossible to cover it all. Only a group of people (which could be extensive, but not too diverse) will be interested in your products or services.

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On Facebook, you can target your ads to the exact people you want to connect with. By targeting ads, you’ll be able to find the right customers on different devices, such as computers, phones, and tablets. You will also be able to transmit relevant messages to specific people and make the most of your investment, reaching only the people you care about. You decide which audience you want to reach. You can choose an option or combination of options that best meet the needs of your business to reach the people you care about.

How to segment your audience? You can segment it in three different ways. The first one (which is the most basic,) by location, age and/or gender. The advanced targeting includes interests, behavior, or connections. You can even personalize your audience thanks to the Facebook algorithm, which knows who has visited your page, who has downloaded your app, and who may be potential customers due to their behavior on the Internet.

While you select your segmentation criteria, Facebook points out the approximate number of the target audience you have on the platform. You can select up to twenty-five countries or cities as the target audience for an ad. Take advantage of this segmentation tool, but do not restrict your target too much because you may deplete your possibilities. Do not forget to always look at the number of the market you can reach, which is mentioned by Facebook when you make this selection.

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Finally, remember that a good ad is one whose text and image are aligned with the campaign goals and is irresistible to your targets. You must always keep in mind two aspects. The first one is that words make people fall in love, inspire, and lead to action. The second one is that images or videos humanize your brand and project your offer.

There are four basic components to the success of ads on Facebook. First, a good ad should not consist entirely of texts. Use images and videos, not just because it is visually attractive for your users, but because the information transmission is faster and time is essential when it comes to advertising.

Second, the relevance of your ad is paramount. It seems like a common sense issue, but if you make your target audience waste their time and energy by reading and/or watching something they are not looking for, you certainly lose your time, energy and even money in the long run.

Third, you should spend some time creating a really valuable proposition. This, in other words, is what motivates your readers to click on your ads and, of course, to purchase your products or services. Try to do things different: How can you grab the attention of someone who, precisely, is procrastinating among thousands of distractions? Credibility and difference: Those are the keywords here.

Finally, your ad must call to action in a clear way. A well-done advertisement is great, even if it meets all the conditions mentioned here, but it must call to action in order to tell the reader what to do next. If the reader is confused about what to do, you will surely lose him/her.

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