Advergaming and Gamification: Funny and Effective Digital Marketing Trends

Since its inception in the fifties to the present day, the game industry has evolved in thousands of ways. Video games have been mixed with the world of investments (Forex), education (flight simulators, games to learn languages vocabulary or virtual classes in Second Life) and other social activities, in a way that would have been impossible to predict when our grandparents played Tennis for two. In particular, there are two ways that videogames have evolved related to the world of digital marketing: Advergaming and Gamification. More than two ways to work on Mobile Marketing, these two new digital phenomena are true techniques to promote the creation, communication and exchange of offers for new customers.

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This technique seeks to insert advertising in video games to capture the attention of potential customers by generating a mark of a product or brand. It happens while the user is enjoying his gaming experience. The aim of Advergaming is that during the game, comments, panels and logos directly and subliminally appear and produce a mental mark on the mind of consumers.

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On the other hand, Gamification is the use of techniques, elements and dynamics of games and leisure in order to enhance motivation and to reinforce behaviors for solving problems or reaching goals. The main objective of this method is to apply techniques in games outside their contexts, usually with the aim of encouraging certain behavior on the user. In this sense, the user will do things that he would reject in other circumstances. Gamification makes any activity becomes more attractive and exciting, and it does so by developing desired behaviors. This technique can encourage people to perform tasks they consider tedious, like completing surveys, shopping or reading the advertising content of websites.

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