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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

Years ago, to make a decision at a business level or in a business, it was necessary to collect a lot of information manually. Today, thanks to measurement tools and different practices within Digital Marketing, all decisions can be directly supported by metrics, results, studies and different types of analysis. Both good SEO practices and metrics can give you signals of where you can direct your business.

Today, we are going to show you the main SEO opportunities that you can implement in your business to boost sales, leads or traffic.

4 SEO tips to help you make decisions in…

Having a good brand image on the internet is important for every businessman, no matter how big or small the company is, the management of its online reputation must be worked properly with communication and digital marketing strategies.

By managing your online reputation you can not only increase the recognition and prestige of your brand, you can also avoid crises or criticism that may affect it.

For the online reputation to be optimal and ensure the prestige of your brand against your competition, it is important to analyse the virtual environment of your company, to know all those things that…

The importance of social networks has increased significantly in recent years. This is due to the great benefits that can be obtained through the good use of these tools. For this reason, digital marketing has become a requirement in the business world. Because it is a new way to give life to your business. Because, if you know how to fruitfully use the tools of the digital world, you can achieve great changes for your business.

Below you can find some tips that will help manage your reputation on social networks.

The importance of a good online reputation

Competition in…

For many companies, online reputation is a very controversial and worrying issue to take care of. Unlike conventional reputation, it is quite easy to find information on the Internet that affects the online reputation of different entities and companies in general.

What happens if a user searches for your brand and finds negative information about you? What impact can this have on your sales and services? That is why it is important not only to take care of your online reputation, but also to find all possible elements to minimise the impact of a negative campaign against you.

Among those…

A good online reputation helps you build customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Would you trust someone you’ve just been introduced to with a secret? Would you trust a complete stranger with your money? No matter how nice they seem or how good they look, we don’t think so. To trust a person, you need more than words, you need actions. To trust a company, you need actions too. That’s why, before starting a business relationship, you look for references. Information that gives you clues about their philosophy, track record and, of course, about their products and services.

This is…

Social media has established itself as a marketing tool to connect and converse with your audience, as well as influence their buying preferences.

Promoting a brand, product or service through social media has become a very common and relevant practice. Opening a social profile is free, but managing it requires an investment of time and money. Therefore, it is important to consider the most important advantages, as well as the less positive points.

Companies have to know how to make good use of social media, the problem is that there are still many organizations that are not clear whether they…

Online reputation is the image or prestige of a brand, company or person on the Internet. It is not simply the image that the brand or company itself projects on the Internet; online reputation is also made up of the news, opinions, comments and information that other users generate in online media, whether forums, blogs or social networks.

Being visible to search engines and therefore to communities through well-positioned content, acting with transparency and responding to each and every user whenever they make reference to our brand are some of the key factors that determine a good online reputation or…

Social networks connect your business with your followers and help you to promote your services and products to get new customers. Knowing each of them and knowing how social media positioning works will help you to improve and enhance your brand or business and gain visibility.

SEO, i.e. search engine optimisation, and social media are two of the most used strategies in digital marketing. However, they work in different ways and in order to make the most of both options you need to be clear about how each of them works.

Keys to positioning on social networks

It is important…

With the power that SEO positioning is taking in digital strategies, companies should be concerned and focus on ensuring that their image is well protected and not be part of any negative comments or opinions that affect their positioning. It is, therefore, important to have an action plan for ORM (Online Reputation Management).

What is online reputation?

Online reputation is the perception that consumers have of a given brand. This perception does not necessarily match the image that the company is trying to convey, but is created based on how it is received by consumers — it is the result…

Your business website is your business card and as such it has to make a good impression. There are a series of tools that allow you to improve your website and increase visits, thus improving your positioning. One of these strategies is web usability and consists of finding out how easy it is for users to navigate and interact with your website.

Why is web usability important?

Web usability is the ease with which people can navigate and interact with a website. In other words, that it is easy to understand how the website works, that they can access all…


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