9 tips that will improve your digital marketing strategy

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Inside your commercial strategies it is very important to keep in mind the development and positioning of a website, since it will become your window to the world when it comes to everybody knowing what you can offer.

Likewise, keep in mind that just like your company does, there are many other product and service providers that are looking to have an online presence, which is why it is very important that you never copy (steal) content from other sites. Not only would this get you a punishment from the search engines but it also will leave a bad impression on your potential customers who ultimately are the ones who look for and compare contents on the internet.

One of the main characteristics of the new consumer has its basis on spending most of his or her time online, which is why this new kind of consumer no longer waits to get home or to have a laptop in front of him or her to go online. In that way, the consumer’s main tool to access the internet now is the smartphone. That’s why it’s very important to consider inside of your web development strategy the fact that it must be compatible with mobile devices, otherwise you will lose an important part of the market toward which you are targeted.

You have a website already, but you should also have a more dynamic communication channel that will help you boost your website’s traffic. Blogs are excellent tools to create content, generate links and increase visits that will contribute and improve your SEO. One of them most interesting advantages of blogs is the fact that visitors can comment on your site, share its contents on their favorite social networks and, in your case, choose from a broad variety of designs.

Before stepping onto any network, you must clearly define your goals, that is, the reasons why you want to have your website or your blog. It is important to understand why are you there, and we can safely talk about three main goals: to have an informative website (a portal that promotes the products or services offered by the company, their points of sale, product catalog or others), a promotional one (offers or incentives that encourage consumption in a point of sale) or an e-commerce one (buying and selling products online).

An email marketing campaign is an effective form of communication, provided that you don’t become a spammer. In order to do so, you must work on segmenting your audiences, the message and the goal you hope to achieve after the campaign has ended.

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Look for ways to generate interesting content on social networks that is truly worthy of being shared, commented and understood by your target market.

Plan a schedule to publish your content, review Facebook’s insights to see at what times do you have the most interactions and thus you will be able to target your messages according to parameters such as gender and age ranges of your audience.

Although we assume that this should not happen, completely rule out tagging people in pictures of products or services and do not use a personal account to add friends instead of generating “likes” on your page.

7. Use social networks to share your contents

It’s not about posting whenever you have some spare time available, it’s about analyzing how does the consumer behave with your page and based on that, define at what time it is best to share contents on social media. Check Facebook statistics and identify which are the kinds of contents that your audience likes the most. Some prefer videos, some others prefer animated gifs or photographs and some like links shared from a website. Don’t rule out starting a Facebook Ads campaign to help boost traffic to your website and your official page.

Considering that the first impression is the one that really counts, one of the most important details that you should keep in mind is photographs and their quality, since they will say a lot about your brand and your company, so only publish visually attractive images with no pixelation.

Social networks are a channel of communication and as such they must be treated the same way as a sales counter would, or a phone line, or an instant message. If you neglect this communication channel, the user will notice it, comment on it and the negative impact will be quite strong for you. If you can’t or don’t want to talk to your audience this way, hire somebody who can do the job, but don’t leave this channel unattended.

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