7 Remarkable Examples of a Well-Performed Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing evolves rapidly thanks to the technological advantages of Internet. The ways marketing has developed the identification of needs of users, the consumer-oriented objectives, the ways to build new strategies to create higher values and the implementation of customer relations and retention of customer value to achieve benefits are very different than ten years ago and are just endless.

Digital marketing (or Marketing 2.0), is one of those ways. The combination and use of marketing strategies in digital media have been, in fact, the great revolution of world trade since the late 90s.

In this post, you can find great examples of digital marketing strategies that you and your company could analyze for learning creative and simple ways for reaching more clients.

This popular Swedish furniture company has used a good technique: inbound marketing. It is a way in which potential customers themselves approach the brand in an organic way, thus achieving a qualified traffic. Ikea has created a series of viral videos that have attracted a lot of public; especially because their videos have not just gone viral on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, have been massively shared on social networks like Facebook.

The videos are solid in terms of storytelling, and quite emotional. The brand products become the central axis of each story. The 2-minute videos entertain the audience first, and then make consumers more interested in Ikea furniture.

At the 2014 ceremony of the Academy Awards, the most famous selfie in history was taken. The actor Bradley Cooper took a selfie in which initially would be him, the hostess Ellen DeGeneres and the actress Meryl Streep, but many more celebrities like Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the frame at the end.

Samsung was the sponsor of the Oscars that year, and not only was the name of the company widely mentioned: that picture was virally shared that night (and parodied thanks to the huge amount of memes that people made on the social media), that week and in the days that followed. At the time, it was the most shared image of history.

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Image courtesy of Jamie McCall at Flickr.com

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This well-known tractor company has positioned thanks to a very simple and powerful strategy: a good channel on YouTube. In the channel, John Deere shows videos of its machines in operation, and also shows brief interviews with workers who are using John Deere tractors and say why they prefer them better than others.

We are talking about really low budget videos, which can be rolled in less than one morning and edited in a short time. However, in a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, the content reaches an efficiency hardly achieved with regular advertising.

In 2014 came up a campaign that went viral, partly to see how very important and prestigious people threw up a bucket of ice water themselves, and partly for a charitable cause. It was the Ice Bucket Challenge: unique characters like Bill Gates, George W. Bush and Mark Zuckerberg got wet in ridiculous ways that made people laugh a lot.

The purpose was to arouse awareness about a terrible disease: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Also, the idea was to raise funds, and, unlike many viral campaigns, it grossed a large sum that has already helped many patients suffering from ALS.

This brand of coffee has flooded the international market and has also taken advantage of simple but effective digital marketing strategies. One of them has been opening an account on Instagram (which already has more than two hundred thousand followers), in which well upload images are taken and uploaded. What are the photos about? The daily lives of their locals worldwide. Simple. The making of coffee, the operation of machines, the facilities of the production plants, customers having a good time, etc.

Users see the photos and share them constantly in their social networks. This is an example that teaches how sometimes less is more.

This multinational has used a funny strategy to promote its drink: Advergaming. The company has created a 3D game called Pepsiman, in which the player must run, jump and dodge obstacles to save someone who wants to drink a Pepsi. The game was released for PlayStation in 1999, but it has become a classic that anyone can still play in console emulators for free.

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Image courtesy of nochkawtf at Flickr.com

This company has made a touchdown in the advertising world. During the blackout of the XLVII Super Bowl, the company posted a tweet quickly: a picture of an Oreo cookie and the sentence: “You can still dunk in the dark.” The ingenious and suitable image became a trend at the time and is still remembered today.

This company appeals to the amusement of users for doing marketing: They ask consumers for names to monsters made of Oreos, they make contests online and ask Oreo fans to upload content (later published), and this makes them to be in constant touch with the brand.

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