6 Tips To Improve A Startup’s Online Reputation

For a growing company, branding is a key component from the moment it is launched. Online reputation is an important but often overlooked area. In this article, we show you some strategies to improve a startup’s online reputation.

Building or improving online reputation is paramount for a startups. In a crowded marketplace, building and improving brand reputation is crucial to its survival and success.

What is online reputation?

Online reputation can be defined as the image that consumers have of a brand. That is, what comes to mind when they think of it. However, we must bear in mind that reputation can be both negative and positive. But this would not be possible without branding, internet and SEO positioning. Nowadays, if we are not on the web, we do not exist. In addition, a good design and quality content can help to be positioned in the consumer’s mind. Below are some tips to improve a startup’s online reputation:

1. Pay attention to customer satisfaction

Building or improving a startup’s online reputation depends largely on customer satisfaction. A company’s reputation is essentially how they perceive it, so a satisfied customer is a pretty strong brand statement. Strive to make your customers happy all the time. Nowadays, there are many tools that allow you to improve your service, products or services and know what people think about you.

2. Implement video tutorials

The creation of audiovisual content has taken an important role in content marketing, to the point that it can help you improve the online reputation of a startup. Offer your customers videos to receive valuable information. Although some people may think this has nothing to do with it, implementing video tutorials can help you improve your reputation and also differentiate you from competitors.

3. Be specific and different

It is almost impossible to build or enhance a brand’s reputation without knowing its promise. Be specific and make sure you know what your brand stands for and promises. Your brand promise should be precise, achievable and clearly communicated. For example, if your brand stands for quality, how does your brand live and breathe quality?

These kinds of details will make all the difference. And that’s what it’s all about, being different and relevant. It’s not just about writing messages to convince the public about your business, it’s more than that. When customers understand the promise of a brand, it is possible to use it to your advantage to improve your reputation, especially when you are a startup or an entrepreneurial project.

4. Consistency is the key

Improving a startup’s reputation is not a matter of a few days or weeks. It’s a long-term, consistent job that your marketing team can’t afford to put on the back burner.

A consistent message and unmatched customer experience are critical to improving a brand’s reputation.

5. Offer exceptional customer service

Customer service is a must-have when it comes to enhancing a brand’s reputation, this includes each and every touch point and interaction involved in delivering your product or service. Twitter responses, website navigation, billing and email autoresponders should be produced and executed in a way that creates an ideal customer experience at every touch point.

A customer who has had a good experience with your business is sure to say positive things about it. Providing quality customer service is also a great way to promote brand advocates and promote word-of-mouth advertising.

6. Social Networking

Social media is about much more than likes and comments. In fact, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter help companies enhance their reputation thanks to their capabilities to share valuable content, connect with industry influencers and generate relationships with customers or clients.

What users perceive about a brand or business can become the beginning of a great successful career or, on the contrary, a total disaster. In fact, research affirms that 86% of users would buy a product just by knowing its online image or ratings.

Therefore, it is necessary for startups to invest the necessary time and money in building effective online image and also take the time to carry out strategies that reinforce the company’s reputation and turn simple customers into loyal ones.

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