6 Tips on How to Set up a Successful Online Business

You should pay attention to these points when you start your own online business. From the idea to the marketing.

The Internet offers innumerable possibilities to offer products and services. The hurdles to start your own online business have never been lower — even from home. You have an idea, but don’t quite know how to get started? We’ll tell you which steps will lead you to a successful digital project.

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1. Find Your Problem

For your online business to be successful, you should consider in advance which problem you want to solve. Yes, you have read correctly — problem. Because where there is a problem, there is a market. No matter how well your product has been thought out — if there is no market and no target group for it, it is of no use to you. So before you start defining your product or service, take a close look at who would buy or use it — and why.

Of course, you should also take a close look at the competitors. What can you do better? What should your product offer that the products of the competition don’t have?

2. Define Your Solution

Now that you know what problem your future customers want you to tackle, you should start to define this solution exactly — in other words, develop your product. What can you do so well that it is worth a certain price? And how can you translate that into a digital product? There are countless ways to make money with an online business. For example, you could start an online shop, develop an e-learning project, a coaching offer, video courses, software or apps or produce your own online magazine.

3. Develop Your Brand

Once you have determined what you want to offer, you can consider what your brand should look like. Bin this case, you need a clearly defined brand: What does your brand stand for? What values does it represent? How does it work? What does it look like? Why should your customers trust your brand?

4. Build Your Website

Now your brand and your product need a digital home, a website. The principle here is: Keep it simple. Especially with a brand new website it is important that the user on your site understands what you offer, and that you offer the best product in your industry. So keep the design as simple as possible, but as elaborate as necessary.

However, you should always make sure that the user finds his way around optimally. So keep the navigation as simple as possible, and above all make it easy for your potential customer to buy your product or service. User Experience and Customer Journey should come first.

5. Create Good Content

In principle a part of the website, but so important that they deserve their own point — your texts. If you want to convince your target group of your online business, you should make it as palatable as possible, but without getting too glaring. In addition to a clear and interesting headline, you should explain right at the beginning of your product description which problem you want to solve. Then, of course, you should explain to your potential customers what the perfect solution for the problem is and why you are the absolute expert on it.

6. Market Your Online Business Digitally

You have several options for marketing your product. These include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the optimization of your website for search engines. Here you should best align your website content with the user intent, i.e. what the user is looking for. This increases your chances of customers coming across your online business in search of the solution to their problem.

Content marketing is a very effective marketing tool to prove your expertise, build trust and increase your reach.

E-mail marketing is also a recommended measure. A regular newsletter can inform your target group about offers, but also about content news. This way you can combine performance marketing with relevant content.

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