6 Tips For Online Reputation Management

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3 min readMay 12, 2021

The recognition and trust that companies or brands generate online are key points in digital marketing. Whether the business has been in the market for a long time or is new, you should pay close attention to online reputation if you want to implement strategies that lead to an increase in the number of customers.

What is online reputation?

Online reputation is the image and level of prestige that a brand has on the Internet. This reputation is created based on the opinions that people have about the brand in question. Depending on the quality of the services or products offered by the company, the comments will result in a negative or positive reputation.

It should be said that having no online reputation at all is just as damaging as having a bad one, since creating one or taking it to the positive side is not so complicated. Consumers stay away from brands where most of the comments are negative and are wary of those with no reviews. Moreover, a good online reputation tends to improve the dissemination of information about your products or services and thus enhances the planned digital marketing strategies.

6 Tips for online reputation management

To keep your brand’s online reputation good, you have to monitor all your customers’ opinions and actions constantly, as well as solve their inconveniences and address their complaints. Therefore, online reputation management is not only based on measurements, but also on solving and listening to the problems that your product or service has caused.

Here are some strategies and tips that will help you on the road to good management.

1. Choosing the right measurement strategy

The first step is related to the attention paid to reviews and negative comments about your brand, because you must have a criteria and a metrics strategy to organize and distinguish all the feedback you receive. Naturally, managing a positive complaint is not the same as managing a negative one.

2. Clarity& Kindness

In order not to confuse your potential customers, you must express what you offer in a verifiable and clear way, thus avoiding bad experiences and negative reviews caused by misunderstandings. Take care of your brand identity and its respective message so that people qualify and value your brand as it deserves.

This advice must be applied both in creating a good online reputation and in maintaining it, because you cannot fight with people who have negative opinions about your brand, but you must try to know what points you can improve to achieve a better experience for consumers.

3. Take negative comments well

No matter how committed you are to your brand, you are not the services or products you offer, so don’t take negative comments personally. Try to be kind and acknowledge mistakes as everyone can make mistakes. You should look at bad reviews as an opportunity to improve the quality of your brand and what it offers.

4. Spend time and attention to management

While friendliness is important, the time it takes you to respond to a negative review also plays a big role. The customer may have forgotten what you said, but the review is still there and can scare away other customers. However, you should not forget to respond to other reviews that raise questions to convey confidence and interest and improve your brand image.

5. Be accessible

It is just as important to keep a record as it is to use language that does not project an image that is difficult to access, since the digital identity must have a certain degree of closeness with consumers to inspire trust. In this way, communication will be easier and online reputation will be greatly improved. In the case of social networks, following trends is a good way to generate that feeling of closeness, as long as they are in line with the values of your brand.

6. Seek opinions from real customers

Using campaigns in which the main content is generated by your consumers instead of your company is also a very good option, as there is no better advertising than a good review from a satisfied customer. To encourage people to participate you can provide the opportunity to, for example, win a collection of products by posting a few words.



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