6 Reasons Why You Should Use SEO for Your Company

You have already heard about SEO, and perhaps have already done a little research about what is means and how it works, and now you are wondering if it’s a worthwhile investment. The answer is a resounding — Yes! But why? Why does it make sense to invest in SEO?

  • Because it works

There are isolated voices that claim that the era of search engine optimization is over. The opposite is the case. SEO has simply changed for the better in recent years. In the past, SEO was very spam-heavy. However, this has changed significantly with the constant Google updates. Those who spam will be punished and those who strive for a good user experience will be rewarded with better findability.

  • It will continue to work for a long time

Search engines are tech giants that must always keep their finger on the pulse to stay relevant and really be used. The trend is towards videos and voice search queries, and for that too, search engines are needed to display relevant results. It is therefore foreseeable that SEO will continue to play a major role in the future.

  • Your competitors are using SEO

It’s no secret that SEO is a solid marketing tactic to attract new customers and generate a profitable ROI. Most likely, your competitors know and use SEO to secure full shopping carts day after day. If you know that your online store delivers better value to a customer, but that customer can’t find you, they will shop at another store.

You can also read below which reasons in particular speak in favor of practicing search engine optimization.

1. High reach through top rankings

In online marketing, a high reach is always advantageous. In the SEO field, this is also referred to as visibility.

Companies that manage to achieve real top rankings within the search results on Google are rewarded with many clicks and high traffic. After all, most users hardly pay attention to the results of their search that are placed further down. This significantly increases the importance of a first-class ranking for the relevant keywords.

2. Equal opportunities through SEO

Regardless of whether it is a small local business, a medium-sized company or an internationally active corporation — the respective website can always be placed prominently in the search results.

If the website is optimized and geared to the individual needs of the users, even niche online stores and small, regionally active companies manage to prevail over their large competitors. SEO thus convinces with the advantage of being able to increase online visibility even if only a limited budget is available.

3. Optimized new customer acquisition

Another advantage of SEO is that users are already told what is wanted. It is no longer necessary to do persuasion work for a certain product or a service in the apron.

It is enough to offer the right product or the right service for the respective search query. This significantly simplifies the acquisition of new customers.

4. Higher margins

Of course, many sales can also be generated via large platforms such as Amazon or e-bay. However, it is much more profitable for companies if the products are purchased in their own online store.

After all, this is when the margin is highest, because no fees have to be paid to the respective brokerage platform. This means that users searching for the product in question should be led directly to the company’s own store through a good ranking.

5. Cost-efficient marketing

Of course, the implementation of SEO measures is not always cheap, but the efforts are characterized by high cost efficiency. After all, the investment is highly worthwhile.

6. Sustainable efforts

Websites that are SEO-optimized ensure sustainable success. Compared to advertisements that promise only a certain runtime for a limited budget, an optimized website remains. If relevant content is offered on it, which answers users’ questions in a high-quality manner, this can ensure high traffic and corresponding success in the long run.