6 Don’ts in Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are thousands of tips and articles that talk about how to improve your social media marketing strategy and lead to success. What you don’t hear as much about are the actions to avoid on social media that can lead to penalties or even account closures. These are the top social media Don’ts to avoid in order for your social media strategy to work well and succeed.

Here are 6 things you shouldn’t use in your social strategy.

1. Mass following and unfollowing

The number of followers is something that makes you think that the accounts are successful or not, but it is not what should matter the most.

Massively following other accounts to get followers is a tactic that will not help your strategy, nor your visibility on social networks for two reasons:

  • Quantity followers and not quality followers: Following people to get more success is cheating yourself, people have to follow your account because they are interested in the content you share, not because you have previously liked them. Otherwise they will be followers that in the end are useless.
  • Shadowban can haunt you: According to the terms and conditions of use of social networks, it is not allowed to make actions in a massive way as this is considered spam. Social networks penalise this type of behaviour with shadowban, i.e. they reduce your visibility and reach.

The best way to get followers is by creating relevant and quality content. This way your followers will be truly interested in your content.

2. Not replying to messages

You can’t leave your audience unattended. If you want your social networks to work well, it’s key to reply to everything they send you, even if it’s with a simple emoji. For example, Instagram’s algorithm rewards replying to comments and messages.

These messages can lead to more opportunities than you can imagine, such as collaborations, recommendations or even good reviews about the work you are doing.

If the account is a company account, it is a way of providing customer service, you will keep your customers happier.

3. Spamming

Posting too much content that is of no value to the user, or endlessly repeating posts will not help your social media strategy. Spamming on social media will only help you lose followers and the platforms themselves will limit the reach of your content.

4. Not paying attention to engagement

Having a lot of followers is ultimately useless if they are not interested in your content. If you have a large number of followers but they do not convert or do not interact with your publications, your content is not working and therefore you are not generating engagement.

5. Not measuring actions and taking action

Wanting to be successful and have users convert through social media is all well and good. You know that this channel is a window to the world of your potential customers, but if you don’t keep track of what you are doing on social media and whether it is working well or not, it won’t do any good.

What works well on social media one day may be useless the next, so don’t let your efforts be in vain. Measure the actions you take and take action as they evolve. Measuring everything you do on social networks is sometimes too much work, because you have to see how each publication works, how much engagement you have, etc.

6. Sharing irrelevant content

Social media is another channel for visibility, reach and conversion, it is a part of your sales funnel. That’s why you have to take care of this channel as much as any other and get your followers interested in your products or services little by little so that they end up converting.

If you share quality content that is relevant to the user you will get them to finish the funnel, if on the other hand you do not share content that is of interest to your followers they will stop following you and leave the funnel.