5 Tips On How To Get More Reviews Through Social Media

Companies in the Internet age know how important it is to make reviews obvious in Google results, on their websites and in forums like Yelp. Why? Quite simply, in addition to a recommendation from friends, displaying online reviews is the best way to encourage people to give your business a chance. According to several studies, most consumers trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations. So how do you collect as many social media reviews as possible?

Social media sites, especially Facebook, Google or YouTube, are first-class platforms for leaving ratings. The first step for you as an entrepreneur is to allow people to review your business on these platforms. Once you allow visitors to post recommendations on your site, start creating a review that will appear in search results on the platform.

1. Negative ratings

Note that you can moderate, hide or even delete offensive or incoherent reviews or comments on your site. This can be very tempting as a moderator of your site. However, everyone knows that there are no perfect companies. A rating of 4.8 could be more attractive to someone than a company with a rating of 5.0. The former appears authentic, the latter appears fake. Negative ratings give you the opportunity to get honest feedback about your company. Your customer service team may not meet your high standards or your ordering process may be cumbersome. It’s a good thing to let people voice their complaints — and give yourself the opportunity to respond publicly.

2. Interact with your followers

The focus of social media is always interaction. In this sense, you should interact with everyone who comments on your company on one of your social platforms. A reaction lets your followers know that you are listening to them. This also makes it more likely that they will react to your posts in the future. When a new customer comes to your social media site and sees that the company cooperates with every customer — whether satisfied or not — they know that they have found a company that is completely dedicated to customer care.

3. Customer Service Requests

If a customer has something to say about your company, you should have a system for processing the comment and answer. Many companies have a standard customer service process. They ask people to fill out a form online, write an email or call customer service directly. However, accepting requests on social media platforms has some advantages. For one thing, it will strengthen your reputation as a customer-oriented company if you respond personally to every inquiry and complaint. Second, you can use the interactions as reviews. What better way to show how committed you are to customer satisfaction than to show on a public platform how this process works in real time?

4. Offer purchases via social media platforms

Social media originally began as a way for people to interact. And soon whole brands began to participate. Many social media platforms include the option to sell products directly in posts. Customers can make a purchase and remain in the Instagram app until they pay. At this point, your users’ shopping experience takes place entirely within a social media ecosystem. You can then encourage your buyers to post social media reviews of the same app they just used to buy from you.

5. Offer exclusive social media incentives

Especially if you have started a new business, you must do everything possible to encourage customers not only to buy from you, but also to give feedback. Offer exclusive incentives through your social media posts that encourage customers to leave a review. Notify your followers that they can get a small discount on their purchase if they write an honest review of your company on Facebook with a hashtag — the review does not have to be five stars to receive the discount, just honest.

Social media is a powerful digital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. However, many small businesses tend to view their social platforms as a one-way street. The truth is that you can use the channels for a variety of things, from collecting social media reviews to retaining new and loyal customers. With this in mind, you should start using social media to collect reviews of your business. You will be surprised how much feedback your customers will give you if you show them that it is important for you. If you want to know more about how you can strengthen your online reputation, just click here!



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