5 Strategies for Managing Your Online Reputation

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The Internet has created a simple platform for people to share their interests, ideas, and opinions. Unfortunately, it also opens the doors for unwelcome content that can damage your reputation. Try to make every effort to safeguard yourself from unfounded online information by utilizing the following strategies:

Owning the rights to a domain is an ideal way to make your presence known in the online community. A domain offers a way to establish a relationship with other Internet users, such as through a blog, and provides an avenue for sharing professional information. Include your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume to attract professional opportunities. Publish content, such as articles, and press appearances that promote you in a positive light. Your domain can also route people to sites, such as Tumblr and WordPress, which offer additional design capabilities. Ensure that the domain you choose has a .com. Do not worry about other options, such as .net and .co, unless you begin patenting and filing trademarks on items. Also, check the domain’s history to determine if legal complications may arise. Legal complications include infringing on the trademark of another company.

Monitor photos and content related to you that are generated on a search results page. You can do this by setting up a Google Alert. The tool sends notifications to you about topics of interest. Visit www.google.com/alerts to specify what kinds of topics you would like to receive email notifications about. In this case, the alert would be your name so that you can review associated information. After entering your name, click on the “show options” feature to designate the frequency with which you would like to receive the alerts. Receiving them once a day rather than once per result will keep you from crowding your inbox. Submit the alert to begin receiving updates. As the notifications arrive, use them to shape the online image you want to portray. Review Monitoring is another tool that provides similar services.

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Staying actively involved on social media will grow your following. However, this also means you must be diligent about what kind of information you share. The same attention must be applied to friends, family, and colleagues who post content with tags that identify you. Go into the privacy settings for each social site used to select how you want your content to be seen. For example, Facebook allows you to select who can see your page updates, which ensures that family and friends will view different content, if that is your preference. Instagram, among other sites, give you the option to post privately. This controls your visibility by requiring that each user request to view your profile and must be approved by you before the content becomes accessible. If you are tagged in another person’s questionable photo, such as one involving alcohol use, make sure to remove the tag. It is not unreasonable to also request that the person remove the photo altogether. This will reduce the likelihood that your photo will be seen by unwanted visitors, such as your co-workers.

Depending on the service you select, online reputation management companies aim to improve the public’s perception of you. Personalized solutions include monitoring credit, as well as looking for ways to protect your privacy. You should expect that the content generated in connection with your name will be reviewed, so a company can understand the overall online character impact. For example, a person may experience identity theft or be acquitted of false allegations. However, numerous negative articles are published online that reference the situation with few positive ones to offset the harm. Although you were not at fault, the content cannot be removed from the Internet, thus leaving you with a tarnished online reputation. A reputation management company can help to alter the public’s perception by publishing positive content on your behalf. They have a special team to plan corrective strategies, such as writing blog posts about your charitable work and career achievements. By integrating SEO terms to boost content visibility, firms push down negative results so that they are less prominent. You can also utilize the service to safeguard your business from disgruntled employees and other detrimental scenarios.

Authenticity is of the utmost importance on any online platform. Social media, emails, and websites should be approached honestly. You should strive to maintain consistency in how you portray yourself. Posts that require follow through should always be carried out as intended. Be positive in your communications, even on bad days. Too much negativity, such as rude behavior and nasty comments, can be tied to your name in the long term. If you approach online media as a way to sell products, you should communicate your opinions sincerely. Your recommendations will influence others’ actions, so telling them the truth about a product you were hired to promote is vital in managing your reputation. If you do not believe in the quality of a product, avoid posting about it all together.

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