5 Software tools for an effective automated SEO

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Many prefer manual SEO over automated SEO. Those who prefer manual SEO do not rely so much on the scope of artificial intelligence that the new software tools provide, and they believe that their skills, analyses and intuitions operate better in practice and allow them to have more control over the positioning processes. On the other hand, supporters of automated SEO differ on this point, and they consider that SEO tasks usually take a lot of time, and software tools can help them to focus on activities that only they can do.

If you belong to the second group, and you do not know much about SEO software tools, in this post, you will find some of the most popular ones of 2016.

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Because programs based on a checklist are not the solution to all the issues that arise during the positioning process of a website in search engines, WooRank is your best option for analyzing the whole information about visits, comments, shares and other important metadata. WooRank has some analysis criteria based on half a hundred evaluable aspects of your website (or any other you would like to analyze,) and, it includes some on page and offpage factors that other tools don’t have. WooRank offers you a score from 0 to 100, and gives you reports about the aspects that you must optimize. It is not a free tool though, but you can try it for a week for free, in case you decide if you are worth the investment.

This tool allows you to track, collect and process information in a massive way. It is easy to use, and it’s only available for Windows. Its main function? Basically, any activity you can do manually on a search engine, you can do it much faster with Scrapebox. In addition, you can create workflows that you can reuse later.

Many people know this tool because of its bad reputation, and because it is related to “hacking practices”, Spam or Black Hat tactics. Of course, it can be used that way (in fact, one of its strengths is to automate mass blog posting,) but it can be actually used for many WhiteHat tasks that will not bring you problems with Google. It really depends on you.

This tool will help you find keywords for your projects and will allow you to reach better positions in Google and other search engines in a more successful way, without investing so much money in advertising. It is actually a complete tool, very good to analyze the movements of your competition. Perhaps, the best advantage of Market Samurai is that it allows you to find the best conversion keywords and the lowest competition within your niche. Additionally, it helps you to increase your productivity in that kind of tasks that consume a lot of time. Also, you will be able to do a more complete analysis of SEO and you can be sure of the reliability of the information, since it comes directly from Google (Google AdWords Keywords Tool) for inbound links.

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This is a very practical tool to develop link building strategies, based on satellite blogs or link pyramids. It allows you, among other functions, to locate websites with keywords in order to place your links. You can also create social profiles to leave backlinks in forums and, of course, it also offers you the possibility of automating the construction of links. Senuke includes a content spinner (creating multiple versions of articles, posts or other texts from a single source, using synonyms and semantic variations), and you can even configure it to avoid captcha filters. Its characteristics are similar to those of ScrapeBox. It is a fully customizable tool, although you will have to invest a little time setting the options so that it works for you automatically.

This is one of the best tool compilations, useful for most SEO tasks. The suite includes a set of four tools, each one with a specific utility. The first one is SEO SpyGlass: it analyzes the links of your competitors, helps you to discover opportunities for link creation and manages your existing links. The second tool is Rank Tracker: it monitors the position of the search results (SERPs) and helps you in the selection of keywords. The third one is Website Auditor: Very useful for analyzing different aspects of your website. Finally, LinkAssistant: it manages and organizes your link building campaigns.

The paid version includes free updates for 6 months, which is pretty decent. The license allows you to install the software on several computers, although you can’t run the program simultaneously. With Powersuite, you can carry out the whole process of Selection and Analysis of Keywords and you can also control the ranking in the search results.

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