5 Simple Online Reputation Management Tips for Dental Practitioners

Patients more often than not nowadays search for a new dentist on the internet. They will look for reviews and inspect the reputation of the practice before booking an appointment. As a result, dental practices should devote more attention to their online reputation. A high number of relevant reviews and a high rating will lead to more patients choosing your practice.

Below you can find five easy tips for a better reputation management:

1) Review Venues

When your prospective patients look for a dentist, they will use local search. Therefore it’s important to list the dental practice on all relevant directories and review websites. Some popular platforms are, but do consider more local platforms as well:

  • Healthgrades

The name of your dental practice, address and contact information should be accurate and consistent across all of the platforms you register on. Inconsistency will confuse patients and will lead to them continue looking instead of deciding immediately.

2) Online Presence

Besides having profiles on review websites, it’s always good to have an online presence — which should include:

  • Your Website

Having a presence on multiple channels increases your visibility and opportunities of connecting with a broader audience.

3) Engage with the Audience

Followers on social media might start engaging with you by commenting and asking questions. It’s much better to have an open mind about it. Answering comments and messages creates a humane perception of you and your practice. When people can relate and feel that they are listened to, they are much more inclined to see you as trustworthy. Further, decent engagement on your page and happy followers is undeniable social proof and a great way to win new patients.

4) Get More Reviews

Online reviews have a significant impact on the position your practice will have in local search in Google. To stay a step ahead of your competition on local search, it’s essential for you to ask for reviews from your current patients.

While they check out of the practice you can approach them and see if all of their needs have been fulfilled. Make sure they have a positive experience and simply ask them to share it online. This will help you get more reviews and help you address any issues that might have resulted in a negative review.

5) Provide Information

As a doctor, sharing information on health-related issues will always keep your visitors hooked. Informative blog posts, advice on oral health, and sharing news about the latest advancements in dentistry can keep your followers coming back to you for your services. Additionally, social media is a great way to establish your expertise as a dentist to a broader audience.



Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.