5 reasons why you need to take digital marketing seriously

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Having a digital marketing strategy is something that some companies often take for granted or something they don’t even pay the necessary attention to. As a company, you can get away with this laid back approach for a while if the company is getting off the ground and looking to grow. However, not taking into consideration the importance of a digital marketing strategy will ultimately end up costing the company a chance at bringing in more leads and in the end more revenue. ReputationDefender is here to give some recommendations as to why companies need to be serious about a digital marketing campaign.

It seems that nowadays everything is done through digital means. Traditional TV and radio is being steadily replaced by digital technology. As a matter of fact, TV and radio has practically been replaced by internet and streaming. A March 2016 article in Variety stated that Netflix was responsible for half of the 3% drop in TV viewership two years ago and that trend has not slowed down as the cable big boys have opted to take their channels to the internet and give their customers anytime, anywhere access to their programming. This is just one sample of how customers are taking to the internet to fulfill their needs and marketers must take advantage of this trend and shift campaigns from analogue media towards digital media. There will surely come a point where more people will use online media and advertising campaigns must be prepared for such a tipping point.

Advertising time on traditional media can cost a company a pretty big chunk of cash. Through digital marketing, companies can reach more people at any time of the day without having to spend a king’s ransom or fighting for a coveted time slot. For example, podcasts and YouTube make it way easier to communicate with your audience and they can come back to see your content whenever they want. Social media has free profiles for a company to share their products and latest happenings. As a bonus, if you decide to open a business profile, most social networks offer marketing credits that you can use to boost your advertising. Another affordable option is pay-per-click advertising. It’s an effective and relatively cheap alternative to traditional marketing means.

Having a killer product or service means nothing if you can’t get people to visit your site and know what you have to offer them that no one else can. An effective digital marketing campaign will help you bring more traffic to your site. Those leads can later be turned into customers who will keep coming back for more. You can even take it an extra step further and have a landing page that can promote specific products or services of the company depending on the time of the year or season.

One of the greatest perks of digital marketing is that it allows a company to promote their portfolio over different outlets and each one tailored to a specific target audience. Whether it’s millennials or CEO’s, digital marketing has an endless array of strategies that will reach any target. All it takes is a little research to understand how to get the most out of the different outlets and which audiences they are best suited for. Having content that is aimed at a specific audience can give your customers a sense of personal attention that they will truly appreciate when everything’s said and done.

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Smartphones and wearable technology are the standard nowadays. Taking a stroll down Main Street you are sure to notice that the majority of pedestrians or customers at a local shop are stuck to their phones, tablets, or smart watches. That’s just the way things are in 2017. Everyone is currently looking down onto a screen for the information they need to get through the day. Digital marketing in 2017 is aware of this standard and it has taken measures to make sure campaigns can adapt to mobility.

A company who decides to purposely ignore its digital marketing campaign is a company that will fold sooner than later. The world has gone digital and marketers and companies need to focus their efforts more on digital marketing rather than the traditional one. Digital marketing has to be taken seriously and it should definitely be a part of the company culture. Finally, being serious and committed to digital marketing helps decrease the chances of committing the 7 digital marketing sins that could lead to the downfall of a campaign or a whole business.

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