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Online marketing hardly ever stays the same from year in and year out. While there are some trends that survive into the new year, there are usually new trends that will set the stage for the year that begins. ReputationDefender discussed some of these trends in the post, “Watch out for these Online Marketing Trends in 2017”. One of the trends was one that has been around ever since online and digital marketing became mainstream has been the importance of content marketing. It has been one of the pillars of the industry and it has helped many marketers help their clients gain a loyal consumer base. The name says it all; content marketing is all about creating content that will capture the attention of potential customers. Throughout the years, said content has changed to adapt with the times. Let’s take a look at content marketing in 2017.

Video definitely killed the radio star and it is changing the marketing game. YouTube has easily become online marketing’s best ally. YouTube offers many amazing benefits to marketing that other medium cannot. It’s next in line, after Google, in terms of search queries and the reach it has in terms of potential customers is uncanny. Imagine being able to reach more than 1 billion people with one short video talking about your product or service. Or how about having a quarter of the world’s population watching a testimonial on how your product changed their lives. The marketing possibilities are endless thanks to YouTube. Some of the most influential people in the world are YouTubers and they definitely help shift people’s perceptions one way or the other.

Traditional marketing has used radio and television to bring people on certain shows to talk about a product or service and get people engaged. In 2017, radio is not as popular for marketing the same way. That torch has been taken by podcasts. The wonder of podcasts is that there isn’t any time limit and there are so many platforms to do them on that they are a cost effective option. They are a great way to bring in people who know about the industry to give consumers more knowledge regarding a certain topic. Additionally, they can serve as a first course of action when customers have the same questions.

Live feeds on several social networks have become quite efficient at getting to know a product. The beauty behind live feeds is that you get a first-hand account of all the action. Companies are using live feeds to give their followers the chance at getting the latest news and happenings from different conferences and events. They create a more personalized experience. Users interact in real-time and the comments they make can help companies get an initial perception of how their product or service will be received by the masses.

Instagram has consolidated itself as the go to place for calls to action and hashtag campaigns. Many people are promoting their products on Instagram thanks to alliances with celebrities and influential users. Surely you have seen some of your favorite celebs, especially the up and coming ones telling you to try a product or that their outfit is sponsored by so and so. Who needs commercials nowadays when Instagram takes care of that for you. Hashtags on Instagram can help you start a trend or bring in people who are searching for a keyword. Think of what you want to convey in your Instagram campaign, what words your clients would look for to reach your product, and use those as your hashtags.

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Your consumers don’t just want to know what you offer, learn that. They are also interested in your insights regarding what’s going on in the industry. Blogs are the perfect place for this and there are no signs of their power dwindling. Blogs are great spaces to give tips, recommendations, and send your customers to other sites that can give them additional information on the industry. You don’t have to have all the answers, but you could point your consumers in the right direction. And who knows, you may even get a couple backlinks from those companies.

Content marketing will continue to change, there’s no way around that. The masses will always determine what the next big online medium is and where marketing agencies, especially online ones, must focus their efforts. That’s part of the business and it’s a huge reason why online content marketing seems to always be moving around. Marketers must understand this fact and instead of fighting change, they should embrace it and try to stay as much on top of what’s popular as is possible.

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