5 Online Reputation Management Strategies

As you already know, having a negative digital image can have dire consequences in a digital marketing plan. Establishing any of these 5 reputation maintenance strategies will be of great help in your digital journey and can save you more than one scare.

1. Analyse your target

A good way to work on digital communication is to know your target audience. But, unfortunately, the target of any business, both physical and digital, is changing. Their consumption habits, tastes and concerns evolve over time.

Analyse your customers’ metadata on the web and social networks to spot changes in trends and act accordingly. This rule is valid, in addition to a reputation maintenance strategy, for any type of action related to digital marketing.

2. Keyword tracking

This strategy is complementary to the previous one, since it consists of tracking keywords related to your business, so you can know what people think about it on the network. It is important that, in addition to monitoring your company, you know the opinion generated by other organizations in your sector. Many reputation maintenance strategies consist of impacting the public that is dissatisfied with the competition.

There are a wide variety of keyword monitoring tools you can use available online. Choose the one suited best for your goals.

3. Editorial line of communication

Once you know who you are targeting, it’s time to find the best way to do it. Obviously, the style of discourse depends on the type of business that applies it, but one thing is the same for all — the editorial line of communication is of a corporate nature, so it must be used by all employees of the company and in all digital channels in which it operates, from SEM ads to reviews and comments on social networks.

4. Publish success stories

Success stories serve as a digital showcase, perfect to impact a previously interested audience. Don’t be shy to show your best work, after all, it is possible that many clients need your help, but don’t dare to take the step.

How to make a good success case? Look for all the information related to the project, talk to the people in charge, ask your clients and explain, very concisely, what were the steps taken by your company to achieve excellence and the results obtained with the work.

5. Online reputation strategy for content

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to create a professional image is written content in a blog. Video marketing is another great option, but it is often much more expensive and complex to produce. Design quality posts that offer useful and interesting information to your audience. Apply these content marketing tricks in your development plan to achieve maximum optimization.

Do your research and dig deep. You must know the search trends before writing anything, since a text that nobody reads is a lost text. It is also important that you offer truthful and contrasted information. Do not write for the sake of writing.

Use each post to promote your digital brand. This does not mean that you have to constantly try to sell your products with very aggressive sales copy. In fact, very intrusive advertising can work against you. It is better to apply more inbound marketing oriented techniques and look for leads with a high probability of conversion. You will also get sales, but in a more organic way.

Post regularly and plan ahead. Not every day is equally conducive to upload a post. Depending on your industry, the content you have chosen or the tone of your writing, you may want to focus on the weekend or work hours.

It is mandatory that your writing is optimized for search engine optimization. Take care of every word and use keywords in the body text and meta descriptions. Poor writing is the main reason why many content plans fail to perform.



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