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When was the last time you observed people? Go to any place. A bank. Supermarkets. Malls. Sporting events. There is something in common everywhere you go. Look and you shall see. People are looking down at their smart-phones and tablets. Looking up is a thing of the past and digital marketing needs to start centering its efforts towards the “looking down thumb swiping generation.” Online digital marketing seems to be taking over how companies reach current and potential customers. Whether you have a small ten-employee bakery or a multinational conglomerate, you need to go online and get through to people. Now that you’ve understood its importance it’s time to see what you need to help you build a solid digital marketing campaign.

You can’t reach the mobile crowd if you’re still focusing on desktops and laptops. It’s 2016 and you have to have a mobile friendly web page if you expect to be relevant. If you’re not willing to invest in optimizing your online structure for mobile devices then you better start looking for something to do on your free time. Still need convincing. According to a report by eMarketer, more than 40 billion dollars is expected to be in invested on mobile advertisement this year. That’s 12 billion more than what was supposed to be spent in 2015. That huge sum should be an alert as to the importance of having a mobile advertising company and getting to customers on their handhelds and not just desktops and laptops.

Ok. So you’ve decided your online marketing campaign has room for mobile. Welcome to the club. Now it’s time to captivate your audience. Web pages should not be a headache for users. They should be able to navigate your site easily and without much hassle. A user interface that is not only visually attractive but also functional and practical will scare of potential customers as well as alienate your followers. Looking into HTML canvas and responsive web design might be a good place to start.

You can’t only depend on a gorgeous, eye-catching web page. Looks can only go so far. How useful it is to the user should also be of your concern. How does high quality content help your digital marketing efforts? Two words. Free publicity. If a person really likes what they see you can guarantee they are going to let their peers in on the info. Great content could be the key to creating a niche following and establishing your company as a trustworthy source in a given field. Reputation Defender recommends 7 tools to help you create top notch content.

Analytics. Keyword research. On-page and off-page optimization. Backlinks. You’ve probably guessed where I’m heading. Search Engine Optimization! 2016 is all about reeling in the audience that is right for you. A well planned and executed SEO strategy will help you maintain relevancy in search engine ranking pages for the long haul.

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Keyword research is especially helpful in describing what the competition is talking about. It can also can provide companies insight as to what topics have been searched for considerably but have yet to be discussed in detail. And there is your inspiration for original and exclusive content.

How do you know if your campaign is working if you haven’t looked at the data? Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Clicky, or Mint can aid digital marketers into reviewing what’s working and what is not. Analyzing the information gives them the opportunity to make changes on the fly, plan ahead, or strengthen a certain campaign strategy.

On-page and off-page optimization are pretty clear cut. This is the part of SEO that has to do with how a web page functions. Search engines use the words on a site’s content, titles and headings to index it correctly. This is where on-page is key. On the other hand, off-page optimization handles what you do away from your web page to bring traffic to it. An example can be how consistently you use social media or guest blogging on someone else’s page. SEO is as strong and as important as ever so don’t rest on your laurels.

Besides search engines, social networks are possibly the biggest help to digital marketers. People take to social media to find out about the latest news in their field of interest. 1.5 billion, 400 million, 316 million. Those are the number of users and potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter respectively in 2015. Sponsored content can help you reach a large group of people, both experts and novices. An attention grabbing headline on your company’s social account or accounts can go a long way into establishing a loyal following. Keep in mind that other social networks are rising thanks to how the can help businesses. Google+ and Linkedin come to mind.

Having a great digital marketing strategy does not depend on the size of the company. It really comes down to creating an unforgettable user experience which search engines and users can recommend and using the appropriate online media outlets to get the word out. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. It makes David in Goliath pretty much the same height.

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