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So, the halfway point of 2017 just passed and it’s time to take a look at your digital marketing campaign. You grab a cup of coffee and start looking at performance indicators and your smile suddenly turns upside down. You notice that what you considered a promising digital marketing campaign is turning out to be kind of a bust. You’ve got to choose between giving up on your strategy or tweaking your existing one. After some careful consideration, and surely a lot of back and forth, you decide on the second option: you want to salvage your current digital marketing strategy by making a couple of adjustments. But, how in the world are you going to do this? ReputationDefender has a couple of words for you: get back to the essentials! That’s right, a lot of campaigns tend to fail because they tend to forget some of the basics of any great digital marketing effort. To help you get back on track and towards success on the digital front, it’s time to take some time to check what essentials your campaign needs to have. After all, you need a digital marketing campaign if you want to succeed. Here we go!

1. Get realistic about how much you are willing to invest

It’s quite common to design a marketing campaign with the latest trends and technology only to see it come crashing down because you can no longer afford it. One of the first things any digital marketing campaign should start off with is with a clear understanding of how much money a client is willing to spend on a given campaign. By doing so, you will be able to decide on what you can use with what you have to make a campaign that will definitely fulfill your client’s demands and necessities.

2. Research your target audience and its market

Any digital marketing effort is usually aimed at a specific group of individuals. Whether it be by age, sex, occupations, tastes, or any other category, a campaign is usually meant to reach a specific demographic. It’s imperative that you go back and check what research was conducted and how it suits your target audience. You may notice that you still don’t know them as well as you think and you might discover that some additional investigation is needed. Bringing in a selected population of your target audience and asking them to identify the factors that they think are failing in your campaign will give you great insight into what you are doing wrong.

3. Use a communication channel that fits your target audience like a glove

Your research probably showed you what channel your target audience uses the most to get its information on their topic of interest. Focus on the two main channels to make sure you are reaching the majority of your target audience. There is really no need to invest in a channel that will not be considered by those you want to advertise to. The other channels are for when you want to bring in new audiences, not engage your existing one. Remember, your campaign is not showing the results you wanted; therefore, you should concentrate your communication efforts on those media that you definitely know will appeal to your target audience.

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4. Revise your mobile strategy

It’s 2017 and marketing has transferred over to mobile devices. The majority of people who want to search for something to buy are doing so through their mobile devices. Your digital marketing strategy has to strongly factor in how to concentrate on smartphones. Without a focus on mobility, an effort to market a product or service is doomed before it even gets started.

5. Set up a content management strategy and commit staff to it

Nowadays, pushing a brand goes well beyond an advertisement or a commercial. If a brand wants to gain recognition and be considered at the top of the class, it has to show its followers that it definitely knows what it’s talking about. One of the ways to achieve that is by setting up a blog and a social media strategy. A company must dedicate resources to post articles on things that are going on in their given industry and they must upload relevant content to different social media accounts (preferably the ones their target audience follows the most). Once the strategy is set up, everyone involved must be committed to making sure it succeeds. In other words, they have to make sure content is up-to-date, relevant, and original. They should also make sure they are posting on a regular basis. Content management is something that every digital marketer must include in their plan to boost brand exposure.

Digital marketing is crucial to the success of any brand in a world where practically everything is done online. So much, that careers in digital marketing are starting to become coveted as companies are looking to professionals to handle their online presence. If your digital marketing campaign is going south, you may need to get back to basics and the previous suggestions would be excellent places to start.

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