5 digital marketing trends that will stay strong in 2017

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Marketing is one of the most alternating mediums out there. What’s hot now can be ice cold in two weeks. It’s an industry of trends, where few things really stay constant. However, there are some trends that continue throughout the year and sometimes they even make it into the new year, often times with a lot of momentum. ReputationDefender is here to take a look at what marked 2016 that could very well have an impact in 2017.

There will always be a target audience that needs to be captured if a campaign is going to succeed. Said audience will be the driving force behind sales and people getting promoted or demoted. Marketing is fickle that way; it will always try to lure in an audience. Failure means heads will surely roll and success means bonuses. For 2017, the target audience will be the same: millennials. They just might be the hardest target ever in the history of marketing. Millennial are known for really not caring about many things yet being extremely passionate. They don’t want to conform to the status quo, yet they are the status quo. Millennials are the ultimate oxymoron. Gaining their trust might be a challenge, but years of marketing experience and campaigns over the last 5 or 6 years have left many strategies to make it easier to reach and engage them.

Social media has made the world truly come together. Everyone can post or comment on anything from anywhere. Country borders don’t exist online. Marketers can no longer worry about posting locally, social media content must be posted taking into consideration that people from China or users from Canada are likely to see content. Therefore, a social media calendar is definitely necessary in order to make social media posting automatic and to cover the globe.

Social networks have search bars as well. Google, Bing, and Yahoo will continue to be everyone’s preferred choice for information and specific knowledge, but social networks are going to become even more important when looking for a hobby or something that we enjoy and would like to follow. Marketers must be keen to this and have an SEO strategy set in place that will make sure a client’s posts rank as high on social networks as possible. This probably means a different strategy for every network the client has a profile on given how different each one is, but in the long run it will be rewarding. Like all new experiences, campaigns might take a while to make an impact. But with patience and some corrections, everything will work out just fine.

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If your company’s digital marketing strategy isn’t focused on mobility, then it’s probably time you get out of the industry. A bit cruel? Maybe. But the truth isn’t always nice. Mobile devices have become the preferred device for today’s browsing needs. Cell phone data packages are bigger, speeds are higher, and mobility is now king. Digital marketers must make sure any campaign looks awesome on mobile devices and that they load fast as well. Otherwise, it’s time to hit the road.

One thing that has definitely not been growing is the average human’s attention span. It is currently at about 8 seconds. After that, you’ve probably lost your potential client. What can marketers use that is dynamic and can help keep leads attention? Video. It may have killed the radio star but it will definitely be a hero for marketers in today’s digital world. Video is probably going to be included in more and more campaigns. If you haven’t noticed, all of the important social media networks have incorporated video as an important part of their posting options.

This year may be just about over, but it has definitely left us with some great marketing strategies and some trends that will carry on into the next year. Digital marketing should see a turn towards more mobility and less desktop where content is short and sweet. Millennials will continue to be the focal point of most marketing strategies. Finally, search engine optimization will see a move from browsers and towards social network’s own search algorithms. Digital marketers have had a year’s worth of experience with the previous trends. They now have enough knowledge to analyze how to fine tune their strategies to fully take advantage of what they all have to offer. 2017 will be the year these trends truly cement themselves and one where they will determine the success of failure of many digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

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