5 Amazing digital marketing apps to absolutely use right now

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Digital marketing is a field that constantly changes and adapts to the needs of the environment. Standing still and not being up to the challenges of the industry are one of the biggest mistakes you can make in online marketing. Nowadays, technology allows us to stay on point and rise to the tasks of remaining competitive and relevant, and one of the biggest allies we can find is a tool that we usually carry in our pockets; our mobile phones.

There are countless apps out there to aid you in the area of digital marketing. Perhaps you need SEO tools or simply apps that can help you optimize your website, extend the reach of your business or communicate with your customer base in a more effective manner.

Consider social media and the huge impact that it has had in the field of digital marketing in the past few years. The social networks have become one of the favored playgrounds of online marketers today. Facebook pages and Instagram profiles have become the “go to” places for the most up-to-date information on brands, names and businesses; so it is necessary nowadays, to take advantage of the opportunities given by these platforms and to become well versed in the optimization and most efficient use of the assets they represent.

Here we have a small list that can only hope to scratch the surface of what mobile technology offers today to explore and truly benefit from the advent of the digital market.


A blessing for community managers, Buffer allows you to track and manage multiple social network profiles from one efficient and streamlined platform. It has a desktop version as well for when you are able to use the computer, but the mobile also allows you to use the convenient functionalities.

Using Buffer, we can plan ahead and schedule several posts to the uploaded automatically and shared at preset times on your profiles. Another great feature of Buffer is that integrates seamlessly with other apps and even your browser, to allow you to share content on your profiles from virtually anywhere. This app also analyzes overall behaviors of social network activity, to help you find the best times for posting your content so you can get the greatest amount of response.

Google analytics

This tool provides you with precise information on your website’s traffic. It tracks locations, language of users, how they arrived to the website, which type of device they used to visit, type of transactions performed, etc. The list goes on and on and it’s matched by the vast amount to tools that can be used to get a thorough picture of site analysis. Entire articles are written evaluating the advantages and praising the need to use this wonderful software to test and run diagnostics on your site’s virtual performance.


Trello is a task management tool that allows you to work on projects with a team or by yourself, having constant awareness of how each individual member advances in different stages of projects. Trello uses “cards” that represent single units of a list or a set of tasks the team needs to accomplish. These cards be things like new features, errors to be mended, project activities, pending phone calls, etc. Any task can be completed individually and thus giving advancement to lists of pending assignments.

Trello makes collaboration affordable, easy and speedy. Simple things like labels and color matching can help a lot when visually trying to make sense of project priorities and workload distribution.


Pocket is a wonderful “read later” app that allows you to save links, pictures, articles, blog post and many other content, so later be shared, read or analyzed. Pocket allows you to save interesting content and keep it handy for whenever you need it. This app lets you follow others and see things they recommend, it gives you recommendations based on content you save and syncs across all of your devices.

Another great feature is the ability to sort articles and other content by the amount of time you will need to read it; this will save you time and help you better manage your time. Pocket also allows you to share content without having to leave the app.


Last on the list we have Cardflick, a beautiful and simple app that allows you to share digital business cards even with people who doesn’t have the app. You can create your card by linking your Facebook information, or you can simply fill out the fields manually and customize it using many different styles the app offers, or uploading your own pictures and designs. After you have your card ready, you can simply flick it towards the top of the phone and it will transfer to anyone who has the app open on their phone. You also have the option of emailing the card to its recipient.

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