4 reasons why every company needs to be on YouTube

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You’re new in the business. You’ve started growing a niche following. Locals are starting to know your name. But you want more. Going mainstream is your ultimate goal. And it should be. However, questions start popping into your mind. How do we bring in more people? How do we show our customers the benefits of our service? How can we let people know who we are and what we do? And how can I do this without mortgaging my house? These are all valid questions for any startup looking to grow a following. You’re a newbie in the industry. You don’t have the budget to hire a marketing firm so that’s out the window. The answer is right under your nose. It’s at your fingertips. YouTube!

Yes. YouTube. Startups can use the world’s leading video streaming site to increase followers. You might be wondering why you need to be on YouTube.

According to YouTube, more than 1 billion global citizens are users of the streaming site. That’s a massive number of possible clients. Reaching the one percent means getting your message across to 10 million people. Additionally, having a channel on YouTube is free. That’s right. Free. Yes, the streaming site does have paid services for businesses to reach more people but while your company raises the funds you should get familiar with the free tools it offers. Business2Community has a great article on optimizing your company’s videos to maximize views and shares.

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YouTube is a social media hub. It could be said that 99.99999 percent of videos on internet have a direct link to YouTube. Why not 100? Because there will always be the tiny minority that refuses to give in to the powers that be. You can share on all major social networks right from YouTube. Instagram is the only exception, but it should get there eventually. How does this help your business? Companies use social media sites for different purposes. Links to a YouTube video can be a great way enhance the quality of a company’s presence all over the social media universe.

Since companies use social networks for different things, the videos we find on each profile are also different. Twitter, for example, is a great way to introduce a new product or service. A link to a video can be helpful in showing exactly what it is and how to use it (more on this later). Facebook is a great way to share your company’s friendlier side. A video. One video on one site can lead your customers to visit the YouTube channel for your company and then they will get the complete picture of your company. They will realize that you are not only about making money. You can add links within your videos to take users to a specific website related directly to your business. It could be the company’s website or Pinterest profile to check out some helpful infographics on a video they just saw.

Do It Yourself. How-Tos. More than ever before, people want to do things on their own. It’s only a matter of time before the days of calling the plumber or a handyman or gone. YouTube is full of helpful easy to follow videos on how to do whatever you need to do. A lot of times we acquire a product or service, we might have trouble using it correctly. A call to customer support can be frustrating since the attendant can’t really confirm if we are following instructions correctly. Video tutorials or tips allow a company’s clients to actually see the best way to use something. A company can have a whole How-To channel that aims at helping people complete everyday tasks. The product or products the business offers doesn’t even have to be mentioned. The user sees it and he or she will surely have it in his or her mind. That’s the beauty. When the video is helpful to the user, he or she will return. Returning viewers give you shares, likes, and reputation. That in turn gives your company credibility, authority, and revenue in the long run.

Video streaming will only gain popularity. People are spending way more hours than ever before looking at videos online. As a matter of fact 40% more people and 60% more hours of watching time. And those numbers haven’t peaked yet. Another tid-bit. Channels making six figures in revenues has gone up each year by 50 percent. A great channel can be profitable for a company. Let’s recap. Having a YouTube channel opens yourself up to a huge crowd. It gives a business some much needed credibility. There’s a chance for a constant revenue stream. Finally, it’s a great way for startups to do some digital marketing without having to sell the farm. Once the company grows, it can look into acquiring some of YouTube’s paid tools that will help them better increase their exposure and popularity. Enough said.

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