3 simple rules of landing pages that should never be broken

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Digital marketers use a number of strategies and campaigns to get users to their clients’ websites. An ad on social media networks and search engines is definitely one. An email marketing strategy is another. A third example is contacting influencers to recommend a website. Whatever the strategy that digital marketer decides to implement, they will all lead to one place and where it leads can be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing one. Most, if not all, digital marketing campaigns will surely lead to a landing page.

Landing pages are a company’s first point of contact between them and the company. First of all, a landing page should not be confused with the home page. The latter is the main page of a company and serves as a starting point for a user, he or she can select what he or she wants to do based on menus or hyperlinks. On the other hand, a landing page exists to serve a purpose. Through it a company may

That’s pretty much it. As you can see, they all have to do with gaining a following for the company and offering something useful to clients. Landing pages are still quite effective marketing tools and should not be disregarded by any company. Running analytics tools on landing pages can have a direct effect on the number of conversions a company has. Landing pages are essential to knowing who your client really is and what he or she is interested in. That’s why ReputationDefender is here to provide some basic guidelines to consider when creating a landing page.

1. Be concise about what you want.

Always keep in mind that your landing page has a purpose and as such it should be clear from the get go. It’s fairly easy to get carried away by the amount of information that you put on a landing page since you want to make sure that draw the visitor’s attention. This action might be full of good intentions, but it can lead to a higher bounce rate. The information you provide visitors on the landing page should be direct and get to the point so that your audience doesn’t get bored.

One of your most important content elements is the headline you choose for your landing page. Imagine your landing page as the front page of a newspaper. The headlines we find on the front page are what entice us to read what’s inside the paper. A similar thing can happen with your landing page’s headlines. Words can be extremely powerful, choose them wisely.

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2. Don’t go overboard with the design.

Bright colors, images, and videos. Three things that are sure to catch people’s eyes, but when used without control or clarity. While they are quite attractive, these elements can distract visitors from the real point of the landing page. To prevent that from happening, keep in mind the following:

3. Let others speak for you.

Credibility is a hard thing to gauge if we’re the ones saying we’re the best. A company is supposed to talk well about itself and that really doesn’t do much for making people believe in you. That’s where testimonials can lend a big hand. Word of mouth is still an effective and quite powerful marketing tool. Having a short quote by a satisfied customer saying how your company helped them can make a difference between the visitor wanting to find out more about your company and what it offers and closing the page to look elsewhere.

A landing page done right will get a company far in terms of generating leads and conversions. It’s a necessary part of any digital marketing strategy and one which should be taken seriously and professionally. In today’s do-it-yourself world, creating a landing page can be as simple as click, drag, and drop. There are a number of tools out there that can help us design a great landing page with little to no coding experience. Companies looking to bring in more clients must have a landing page and it should be one that catches their eye without causing distractions and one that gets to the point of what the company wants to offer.

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