3 Reasons Live Video is the Latest and Most Exciting Digital Marketing Trend

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Welcome to the new world of digital marketing. Pop-up ads? That’s so 2012. Celebrity endorsements on Instagram? Two years ago, maybe. Ads on YouTube? Good luck with that. New generations bring with them new marketing challenges. Radio ruled the 50s and part of the 60s. TV was king up to the 80s. Then came Mr. World Wide Web in the 90s and early 2K. The 2010s are a whole different animal. You might know them as Millennials, those who are at the target marketing age of 18–35. Baby Boomers marked a whole era of marketing at the end of the last century and Millennials are setting the bar for this one.

History altering generations are notorious for a strong desire to break the mold. Tradition is not in their vocabulary. Revolution. Novelty. Innovation. Those are three words that mark them and establish who they are. In that sense, traditional marketing methods are not enough to draw Millennials’ attention. No sir. TV and radio don’t interest them. Their interests lie in social media and internet in general. Marketing agencies are also known to adapt to the times and with Millennials there hasn’t been an exception. Digital marketing has taken to live streaming to try to reach audiences into buying products and using services. Facebook. Periscope. Snapchat. Those are the three power players in this new digital marketing world. And not just marketing by the way. Live streaming and politics are starting to work hand in hand to let the world what is going on when tradition mediums are censored or cut off. It’s kind of reminiscent to Twitter’s success a couple years ago in breaking news. Let’s not digress and get back to the topic at hand: how is live streaming changing digital marketing and what does it all mean?

The success of a campaign is closely related to how many people it reaches. Live streaming serves as an online focus group for many companies. There’s no need to put an ad in the paper for people to come in and be part of a trial. Traditional focus groups likely don’t surpass a couple hundred participants, if that. Live video has the potential to reach thousands. It’s a cost-effective way of introducing a new product or service to the masses. Go to your Facebook feed and you will surely notice a significant increase in live streaming notifications from some of the most famous brands. Live streaming can be a useful metrics tool to measure the possible engagement of a new campaign. Comments play a big role here as well. While there will surely be trolls to try to sabotage a live event, companies can bet they will receive some pretty useful insight into the effectiveness of a campaign.

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Image courtesy of Anthony Quintano at Flickr.com

Video has been used as a marketing tool for many years now to show the inner workings of a company. A concept is jotted down. A script is made. A video is shot and edited. It gets shared to the public. This is all quite positive for a company but it can also lead an audience to believe that a company is not authentic. The video can be perceived as merely a publicity stunt and nothing more. Live video takes away this perception. A live video feed that allows an audience to see how a company actually works shows authenticity. You can’t fake being real. Audiences can tell when you are mailing it in and when you are truly having a good time. Showing employees working together in a positive environment is a great way to boost reputation. And reputation is also a big selling point when it comes to making a purchase.

One of the biggest qualms long-time followers of a brand have is that companies often don’t pay attention to them in order to satisfy the needs of the masses. When a company decides to live stream an event, a product launch, or a question & answer session it will reach only those who are following on the designated platform. And more often than not it’s the hardcore customer who is following. Having early access to the latest news and happenings of a company gives them a sense that they are ahead of the masses and could lead to feeling more appreciated. Additionally, it gives the loyal fans an immediate outlet to make recommendations and have their voice heard before anyone else’s.

Live streaming is hot right now in digital marketing and that’s thanks in large part to Millennials and their search for something out of the ordinary. Companies would be wise to take to live video to reach this audience of 75 million.

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