2020 Trends for Digital Marketing

There is a lot to do for marketing in 2020. Trends and new focal points in the advertising market will meet modern technologies that need to be cleverly applied. As more and more media channels and end devices are shaping the customer journey, every single micro-moment that the target person experiences in connection with a brand is crucial.

Technology meets humanity

The landscape of digital marketing is so versatile and constantly changing, that it’s imperative to always keep on top of the trends. Consumers are not only becoming more and more overwhelmed by stimuli, which is reflected in a short attention span and dwindling brand loyalty, but he demands on brands also go far beyond their promise of performance. In addition to the experience, the credibility of a brand is therefore paramount.

Here are five most important trends that marketers should take into consideration in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is still on the advance and is driving applications in the fields of marketing automation, programmatic advertising and the Internet of Things with the aim of personalized customer contact. By using AI, it will be possible in the future to analyze customer data much more precisely and to give consumers product recommendations that interest and appeal to them.

However, AI-based solutions will probably continue to be used in 2020 primarily by companies with large databases and correspondingly powerful resources.

2. Social Media

Many businesses have realized that they need to regain their original focus on social networks — instead of pure advertising, the focus of corporate involvement is shifting more and more to networking with (potential) stakeholders. This is particularly true for marketing for B2B.

3. Interactivity

Consumers not only want a stimulating brand experience, they also want to be increasingly involved in it in the future. Interactive concepts such as quizzes, surveys, augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality will therefore gain in importance.

Games and e-sports are also considered major trends that offer opportunities for advertisers. Above all, however, gamers will finally become stars and absolutely sought-after influencers. For effective branding in a young target group, gaming influencers will become irreplaceable in 2020.

4. Online Video and Audio Content

Today more than ever, a brand along with its products and services must shine online. The design must convey the brand’s message at first glance, be clear and above all responsive. Users access websites via their smartphones, if your site does not work on different devices, they will click the page away.

Podcasts and videos have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and many businesses are starting to implement them into their marketing strategy. Podcasts are booming for various reasons. One of the driving factors is certainly the growing range of high-quality formats that make people want to listen to audio.

5. Purpose driven Marketing

Brands that follow a higher goal, a “purpose”, will grow twice as fast in 2020 as brands that do not follow such an approach, Kantar reports in another study.