2017: why is digital marketing so important?

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Getting into 2017, and just by looking at the changes that have been occurring in the digital marketing field, it is definitely wise for companies to wonder how to redirect their efforts in order to come up with more accurate marketing campaigns from this point on. Although we at ReputationDefender have previously pointed out the subjectivity of this topic — for there is no magic formula — , being aware of the tendencies and trends becomes a key factor for the aspirations of companies, brands and businesses in general. Therefore, the following aspects have proven to be vital, and they also seem to drive businesses in the right direction: what should companies focus on for digital marketing in 2017?

The importance of focusing on customer experiences

Prior to the emergence of the digital world and today’s trends and tendencies, companies would use sales as their major key performance indicator. In fact, a company’s worth used to be measured solely through sales. For good, such connotation has changed, and even though sales are amongst the most important factors, they are not an organization’s only concern. Nowadays, sales ought to go hand in hand with customer experience. High quality sales that end up being beneficial for both a company and its clients must be a major component of the company’s sales target.

But what does this have to do with digital marketing, anyway? Well, a company’s marketing team is responsible for finding the true value of the products they sell and the services they provide. Think about it as though the marketing team had to determine new ways to improve the company’s products in order to serve a better opportunity for the company and its customers to engage. Under today’s circumstances, organizations should focus on demonstrating potential to customers — which proves the clientele that the business actually tries to tailor its products and services to their needs. Be that as it may, one thing will remain invariable: showing dedication definitely helps create solid and lasting relationships, which has been commonly associated with higher sales.

Harness the language of human experience

As of the past decade, the relationship between digital technology and marketing gave birth to a sheer array of buzzwords and, definitely, a whole new terminology. An entirely avant-garde rhetoric may be, to some extent, unknown to today’s consumers, which explains why they are seemingly not responding to it they way companies expect; however, disregarding clichéd terminology and, rather, trying to put the message in a way people can understand is definitely wise and will pay off over time. Strive to tell consumers and partners why the company’s products and services are indeed good for them, and why they are beneficial, using a rather emotional language so that customers can evoke everyday interactions.

This strategy is crucial, for it prevents the brand from being labeled as something outside the market — something odd and uncanny — ; it prevents the brand to be related to abstract notions while highlighting meaningful connotations.

Save space (and time) for mobility

The staggering amount of different digital devices — smartphones, tablets, etc. — changed the digital juncture. Although some companies had to struggle more in order to cope with changes, that landscape ended up giving birth to multiple generations of highly functional smart devices. Such scenario is compelling enough for companies to focus on increasing their efforts to attract more mobile users, since, with each passing day, they can be missing out on highly profitable and valuable opportunities. Investing in mobile technology seems to be key for 2017, not just for the sake of the company — for doing so increases the likelihood of reaching out to more customers — , but also to stay active under these circumstances. In fact, as for SEO purposes, mobility seems to be crucial: mobile optimized sites have proven to rank much higher than those lagging behind.

Image courtesy of Pixabay at Pexels.com

Strive to come up with valuable content

We at ReputationDefender cannot stress enough the importance of content, especially, valuable content. Viral content is great, but it can be much better than just an extra-large Brahma chicken. The Internet serves a variety of purposes, and it is undeniable that entertainment is found amongst them; however, the educational component seems to be oddly disregarded day after day. Why let search enquiries go straight to Wikipedia, for instance, when they can increase traffic to a specific site? In order to drive the website onwards, it is crucial to offer meaningful, informative and, above all, real answers to the questions potential consumers may have. Focusing on reliability is key. Besides, there are different ways to convey information: video format, in particular, seems to be growing in numbers and importance, since, according to recent figures, mobile users would rather pay attention to a one to three minute video than read a whole page of plain text. Try to come up with easy-to-understand content as a way to increase traffic and future shares.




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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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