2017 and its juncture: what is to come next in digital marketing

Many things were foreseen in 2016 about digital marketing in 2017. As the present year continues to progress, it is by all means a great opportunity to assess whether last year’s insights are definitely becoming a reality and whether companies and businesses in general are following the right path for accomplishing their goals. In previous articles, we at ReputationDefender have covered several aspects we consider are going to grow in importance based on the lessons learnt during 2016 and the present course — from artificial intelligence to harnessing the full scope of social media platforms, digital marketing displays a much broader horizon than previously thought.

A privileged spot

Consumers have a privileged spot when it comes to sharing their needs and priorities. Social media has become the ultimate digital marketing tool for companies, as they can collect valuable feedback about their customers’ needs. It is not a secret that today’s portion of consumers are keen to voice their opinions and thoughts about what they ultimately desire. Moreover, since social media has become that bidirectional channel where companies and customers can engage, it is now possible for companies and brands to become more aware of the priorities of their customers and consequently tailor their products and services around such trends and preferences.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

Given the pace at which this juncture is unraveling its secrets and trends, time has become a vital and crucial factor. As like so many search engine optimization tools whose major feature is to compute processes at high speed, artificial intelligence is here to help. Given the complexity of today’s landscape, artificial intelligence is here to help companies and brands analyze data and even predict consumer preferences. There is definitely a trend to incorporate artificial intelligence solutions into a sheer array of fields, from electronics applications to forecasts.

Generation Z

As of the past decade, with the emergence and subsequent consolidation of the internet, the expectations for instant content — including communications and all sorts of sources of entertainment — started to become more than inevitable. Think about all of these people who were born amidst the outburst of the incredible amount of today’s technological and digital developments and inventions. Surely, they grew up being used to having today’s social media platforms within their reach. Such juncture ended up setting the bar much higher than expected and, in fact, it has become more difficult to attain a privileged spot at the table of social media platforms — which also entails a major issue: engaging and bonding with such generation will take more than appealing applications and way to convey information.

The importance of mobile devices: extreme consumerism

The first mobile devices allowed consumers connect much faster with the digital world. Long gone are the times where a laptop or a computer was needed in order to surf across the internet. Mobility has brought along thousands of opportunities: from checking information in real time to buying or selling something directly from anywhere in the world. However, this digital landscape has been evolving at a much faster pace than predicted. Today, mobility as people known has reached its peak, so to speak. The world is on the verge of a new electronic shift that will include new and innovative developments and technology as well as new mobile applications for the devices people have always at hand. Remember that such devices are commonly referred to as a smart, and under such premise they have been becoming smarter as well as faster and even intuitive devices. They are now capable of offering a vast range of options when it comes to mobile connection.

Mobile devices are bound to grow in importance — they influence consumer’s purchasing decisions and have become their most reliable shopping aid. By using these devices, consumers can get a glimpse at a specific product, read its reviews, compare its features with similar goods and purchase or sell them. Moreover, mobile devices enable consumers to read reviews about a business and monitor its online reputation, which is compelling enough to pay special attention to what is about to come.

The eclosion of social media

Social media has brought along many advantages. That is indeed an undeniable fact; however, it has also brought along several downsides: social media, and influencers, ended up polarizing the connotations of reality. Such diverse juncture suggests that brands ought to pay special attention who they hire to voice their opinions or represent their brand and what channels do they use. It is highly important to become someone whose opinions are backed up with validity. Marketing and social media will definitely go hand in hand as they define new paradigms in digital marketing, and thusly, getting the most out of influencers will become a daunting task. Things have definitely changed, and maybe the “social” prefix in social media will be replaced over time with “brand”.



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