10 Tips On How To Get Your Blog To Rank High On Google

Achieving a good SEO is a job that requires examining each and every one of the components of a blog, website or e-commerce. The strategy must be continuously evolving, monitoring trends and evaluating the needs of the target audience, to offer them something they are looking for. Search engines such as Google have specific requirements that need to be known.

The positioning of a blog can be defined as the strategy to achieve visibility of different contents, as well as structures designed to help those contents to be considered optimal by search engines. The positioning of a web page or blog can be measured according to its location in the results of the different search engines, as is the case of Google, which groups the information in a hierarchical way.

To achieve a good web positioning is necessary to examine the different technical and content requirements that each search engine can establish, that is why it is vital for a blog or website to evolve with the web dynamics, as they live a constant change depending on the way the target audience consumes content, among these strategies include the following:

1. The quality in the structure of the content

For the different search engines, the quality of the content is essential to achieve the desired positioning. If a blog is structured by contents with errors or repetition tricks for a forced positioning, it will be immediately penalized, blocking any possibility of organic positioning.

2. Priority to valuable content

To achieve a good positioning, it is of utmost importance to bet on content with added value, beyond seeking to position publications; the ideal is to create publications that can answer doubts of the target audience. When Google detects a need for your content, it immediately bets on positioning those contents.

3. Immediacy from the first second

One of the factors that characterize consumers of web content is precisely the websites that load easily, that is why the pages should be designed thinking that they are practical and not so heavy, friendly in all its versions, especially in the web version, since the trend points to users on mobile devices.

4. Analyse the data to improve the experience

One of Google’s constant changes revolves around the user experience, a factor that has been a determining factor to constantly modify its algorithm, for this you must study the data thrown in the different analytics, to optimize websites based on them, not only content but also operationally.

5. Quality and quantity in the content

Not only a quality content will position your blog in Google, also the quantity and length of these publications will be decisive, specifically this rule has evolved due to the proliferation of websites in cyberspace, which is why for some debutant sites should opt for publications of 1000 words or more, while others with more web authority, can be shorter.

6. Keywords

The best way to position a keyword is to complement it with related keywords, specific terminology that can respond to a technical search, will be the best way to rank in Google. The keyword cannot be sacrificed in the basic elements of a publication such as the title or URLs.

7. Balance in the wording

Readability will be a determining factor to capture audience in Google, there must be an exact measure between technical content for specialized audience and content for the general public.

8. Strategies for interaction

The engagement and interaction capacity of the contents will be vital for Google to give visibility to the contents in search engines that is why it is necessary to have strategies that generate responses and reactions from the audience.

9. Give a voice to the project:

The personality will be an element that attracts the audience so that Google can value the content as optimal. It is necessary to give it features that inspire confidence and always highlight the most important to capture the audience in the first seconds.

10. Avoid content plagiarism

Although getting a good positioning in Google is a constant task, you can never plagiarize, as this may result in a positioning penalty as well as in different legal actions.




Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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